May 9, 2010

Hello, there,
Is anybody listening? I’ve had very little feedback and no real disagreement in comments to my blog entries. Is my blog too far out? Is it too bland? Or just plain boring? I’d appreciate any comments, but especially disagreement. Then I’d know if I’m getting my message over to you. gives me daily readings on how many “hits” are made on my blog. I may get 16 on an occasional good day but mostly 2 or 3 each day. So I haven’t captured much of an audience.
I feel that I have an urgent message to get out. Our free market is definitely not free. We are constantly being manipulated and robbed by government, partly on behalf of pressure groups, lobbyists, and campaign contributors, but mostly on behalf of politicians and bureaucrats. They have an insatiable craving for power. They intervene in the market in many ways, but the greatest intervention by far is the manipulation of our money supply.
When Ron Paul ran for the Republican Nomination for President, the biggest plank in his platform was to shut down the Federal Reserve System. Nobody out there had a clue as to what that was all about. Few Americans have had any schooling in economics. Of those who have studied it, nearly all were taught some form of fallacious Keynesian Economics. I think we all need to understand economics. It is vitally important to our freedom and the ultimate survival of humanity. The fundamentals of free market economics are really simple. Only the manipulations of government make for the weird convoluted, impenetrable economics of Keynes. Real (Austrian) economics could and should be taught in high school and even in grammar school.
If the market is not free, then we are not free. Please comment.


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