May 10, 2010

Experiments in Anarchy
Libertarians and Anarchists have dandy ideas about ways we can live without government. I doubt that many people will take them or their ideas seriously until these ideas have been tried and proved workable. So I propose an experiment to test their theories.
How to start? The first need is a place to conduct this experiment, a place free from the control of any government. I wouldn’t suggest a revolution or a war of conquest. So someone with money should buy some land, free and clear of any government control or taxation. It should be big enough to build a small economy, preferably with some ocean frontage to permit free trade with the outside world. Then sell off parcels of land, free of any external control.
I can see only one precondition necessary to assure freedom for all. A strip of land around each parcel should be left as common property to allow an access route from any parcel to any other parcel. This commons, of course, would need some sort of government, representing all landowners, to assure free access, and to lease out the common land to one or more corporations to install and maintain streets and highways.
Some anarchists believe that streets and highways, too, should be privately owned. That could be another experiment.
Now proceed with your experiments. See what works and what doesn’t.


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