May 12, 2010

If you want to live a long, healthy life, take charge of your health. That means simply good nutrition, exercise, and life style. Your MD probably can’t give you any good advice on nutrition. That’s not included in his education. Government bureaus give bad nutrition advice; their advice is more concerned with the welfare of the farm lobby and the food industry than with your health. This is because they are lobbied and infiltrated by the farm lobby, the foods industry, the drug companies, and the AMA.
Also, I wouldn’t recommend you search the shelves of your local book store. Most of them are diet fads. There may be some good guidance there, but which is best? By the time you’ve done enough research on your own to choose the best book, you won’t need the book. Anyway, our knowledge of nutrition is increasing so rapidly that these books are out-of-date by the time they appear in the bookstore.
I subscribe to monthly newsletters from several of what I call “health gurus”. They’re mostly MDs, mavericks who have ventured beyond what their medical education taught them, and seek real cures for disease, and ways to maintain real health. Some have an active medical practice, some are researchers, and some are both. Here’s a list of the ones I trust, particularly the first four:
Dr Frank Shallenberger: http://www.realcuresletter.com/
Dr Jonathan Wright: http://wrightnewsletter.com/
Dr David G Williams: http://www.drdavidwilliams.com/Default.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
Cancer Defeated http://cancerdefeatednewsletter.com/signup.html
Jon Barron http://www.jonbarron.org/barron_reports.php
Dr Julian Whitaker: http://www.drwhitaker.com/default.aspx
Dr Russell I Blaylock: http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/blaylock/issues/
Dr Robert J Rowan: http://www.secondopinionnewsletter.com/
Dr David Brownstein: http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/brownstein/issues/
You can Google them on the internet. If you subscribe to their newsletters, most of them give you access to their archives with a wealth of information. Each one has a different slant on what’s most important in both cures and prevention.
Here’s a very brief digest of all I have learned about nutrition from them:
Nearly all of the diseases of mankind can be cured and prevented. That includes Cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (heart attacks & strokes). For most of them, your immune system is the key. Many drugs and foods compromise your immune system. For example, any antibiotic taken aurally indiscriminately kills the bacteria in your intestines. There goes half of your immune system down the drain. Sugar suppresses your immune system for several hours.
It is just as important to remove the bad food from your diet as it is to add the best food.
Most of the food in our food chain in America has had much of the nutrition removed and preservatives added. The purpose is to improve shelf life. If these foods have a shelf life of months or years, then they can’t nourish microbes that would spoil them, and they can’t nourish you, either.
When you shop for food, go straight to the produce department. Fresh vegetables & fruits are your best friends for health. Second best is frozen veggies. The nutrition is still there, but important digestive enzymes have been destroyed, to improve shelf life.
Mainstream meat is bad nutrition, It has an inflammatory balance of fats (think atherosclerosis) because it was fattened on grain, and is loaded with hormones (to speed growth) and antibiotics (to prevent the epidemics which would naturally rage through herds of unhealthy cattle crowded together in feeding pens. Go to the internet to find grass- fed meats. I trust Slanker’s grass-fed meat. http://www.texasgrassfed beef.com, 1866-752-6537.
Sugar is your enemy. Refined carbohydrates like white bread and most baked goods are just as bad because your body converts them very quickly into sugar. The glycemic index is your best guide to avoiding sugar overload.
All commercial vegetable oils are inflammatory, because they have the essential omega-3 fatty acids (oils) removed to lengthen shelf life. The only exceptions I know of are extra-virgin olive oil and extra-virgin coconut oil. Almost all commercial salad dressings and mayonnaise use the unhealthy oils. Make your own salad dressing.
All carbonated drinks contain a dangerous preservative and either sugar or a brain-toxic sweetener.
Commercial fruit juices are too sugary to be healthy. Eat the whole, fresh fruit.
Most fish are a good source of the all-important omega-3 fatty acids. So, too, are grass-fed meats. Farmed fish are not. (They too are fed grain and antibiotics.) The bigger wild fish, unfortunately, are toxic with mercury. For fish I stick to wild frozen salmon and canned sardines.
Good sources of vegetable omega-3 oils are nuts, flaxseed, and Chia seed. Your body should be able to convert the vegetable version into the animal versions, but don’t depend on it as you get older.
Broiled meats and any charred food are highly toxic. Most fried foods are bad because most frying fats oxidize. To avoid this fry only with lard, coconut oil, or palm oil. Yes, these are healthy fats!
Butter and eggs are good nutrition. From grass-fed cows and free range chickens is best.
Pasteurized milk is a non-food with vital proteins, enzymes, and bacteria destroyed. Raw milk is healthy food, even after it turns sour. For babies, mother’s milk is far superior to any baby formula.
Soy beans are not healthy food, unless they are fermented. They are loaded with plant estrogens, which upset the hormone balance of both males & females. The Japanese eat lots of soybeans, but only after fermentation.
The healthiest diet is a low carbohydrate diet. Carbs are fattening. Refined carbs are deadly, and addictive. Good fats are not fattening. They satisfy and are not addictive.
Cancer loves sugar. It struggles to survive on fats, and so, fed on fats, it can’t spread. Cancer hates oxygen. Eat a low-carb diet, get plenty of oxygen (exercise) and nourish your immune system, and you won’t get cancer. Your healthy body cells on the other hand get sick on sugar overload (type 2 diabetes) but are healthiest burning fats and getting lots of oxygen.
The fluoride added to our drinking water (mandated in many states) is a waste product of the production of aluminum. It is so toxic that it can’t legally be dumped in waste dumps or any body of water. It displaces iodine in our bodies, damaging many of our glands, especially the thyroid. Chlorine in our drinking water and bromine in many products have the same effect. Avoid them all, or crowd them out with big doses of iodine/iodide, as in Iodoral (tablets) and IoSOL (liquid).
MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) enhances flavors. It also enhances all of your sensations by over-stimulating brain cells. The result is slow brain death. Unfortunately, MSG has many names, many related chemicals and many disguises. Learn what they are and avoid them all.
Humans are one of the few animals that cannot produce vitamin C, essential for good health. If you’re healthy, you can get by with a few hundred milligrams per day from foods. If you are under attack by microbes, viruses, inflammatory foods, or a toxic environment, you need much more. A good rule is to take vitamin C “to bowel tolerance” (just enough to avoid diarrhea). That is usually about 1000 to 3000 milligrams daily, in divided doses. When you are sick your vitamin C is rapidly used up, and you will find that you can tolerate much more. Use lots of it to get well quickly.
Even the best of organic produce can be poor nutrition because of depleted farm soil. I recommend a complete multi designed by one of the doctors listed above. One-a-Day multi vitamin tablets are not enough. A good multi will mean about 16 capsules daily and will cost about $50 a month. I’ve settled on the multi from Dr David Williams.


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