May 28, 2010

I have tried to write about Austrian economics in simple English, free of Jargon. Most of what is available on this is subject is very scholarly. I’ve listed here some internet sources and books which can help you to expand your knowledge on this subject. The books are good basic reading which bridge the gap to provide a more thorough understanding but still in plain language. I hate specialist jargon which serves only to exclude the non-specialist.
Austrian Economics: Mises Institute
Mises Website:
Mises Bookstore:
To subscribe to Mises Institute Emails:
Political action for Freedom:
Ron Paul:
Books I recommend: All available from the Mises Bookstore
Economics made Easy:
Economics in one Lesson by Henry Hazlitt $12
Economics for real people by Gene Callahan $14
Real American History:
How Capitalism Saved America by Thomas J DiLorenzo $14
The Politically incorrect guide to American History
By Thomas E Woods $19
Understanding Money:
The Case for Gold By Ron Paul $14
What Has Government Done to Our Money?
By Murray Rothbard $17
Chaos Theory by Robert P Murphy $8


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