June 15, 2010


If it is possible for any people, in any country, to regain their freedom, it should be possible in the USA. This is because our country was founded for freedom, and everyone, and every politician, at least gives lip service to freedom. It should be possible to shame our congressmen, senators, and president into reversing the trend to Federal control of every facet of our lives.

In 2008 Ron Paul ran for the Republican nomination for president. His program was smaller government with a return of our freedoms and a sound dollar. His record in Congress showed that his program was for real. In debate with the other candidates he won every round. Yet, the media ignored him and the public didn’t understand his “End the Fed” message, so he lost the nomination

Since then, back in Congress, Ron Paul has entered several bills to halt the theft of our freedom. Each bill was blocked by tactics to see that none of these bills could ever come to a vote. Freedom is not on the agenda for either the Republicans or the Democrats, but neither are they willing to be seen to vote against freedom. The News media are almost completely dedicated to a welfare-statist, anti-freedom program. And the voters aren’t even interested.

This means that regaining our freedom is a long-haul task: a complete re-education of 2 or 3 generations of voters, so they can force the politicians to re-build the system and return to a Constitutional government.

This requires many things:

The voters must understand and care about freedom. Many don’t realize how much freedom we have lost, and many don’t care. If we can’t convince the voters how much freedom they have lost, where the trend is taking us, and how important it is, freedom is lost. I’m afraid apathy is the greatest threat to achieving the goal of freedom.

The voters must be informed enough to understand why and how we are losing our freedom, so they can engage intelligently in the process of reversing the trend.

Voters must think critically enough to see through politicians’ waffling and promises and lies, and discount the bias of the media and pundits.
Voters must be focused enough on the issue of liberty to abandon party affiliation and bogus issues to vote for candidates who will focus on freedom.

Members of the Supreme Court who ignore the Constitution in their decisions must be impeached. This court is the last bastion of freedom in the government. Test cases should be devised to reverse old decisions which violated the Constitution and stole our freedom.

We must impeach the president every time he exceeds his Constitutional powers. In the past century, they have all done it. Now it is routine.

Once we have enough freedom minded men in office, Congress should repeal thousands of laws which have chipped away at our freedom through the last 200+ years. This will mean shutting down scores of Federal Bureaus.

Easy? No. Impossible? No. But not this year, nor even this decade. Possibly we could achieve it in a century, with some really dedicated people spreading the word, and inspiring the populace.

Such is the route to reforming our government. Truthfully, I doubt we’ll ever achieve it, because of voter apathy, and the very nature of government. Power corrupts. Deceiving apathetic voters is easy.


  1. umersultan Says:

    I like Ron Paul for his stand on the US Foreign Policy. He doesn’t care about Lobbies in criticizing the US FP.

  2. glennodell Says:

    Thanks, umersultan.

    Ron Paul is one of the 3 or 4 honest men in Congress. I wish he’d try again for president, but he’s given up. I believe he’s 74 years old. My take on Foreign Policy is spelled out in the Blog “THE AMERICAN EMPIRE” posted 21 May, 2010.

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