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July 8, 2010


Medical Doctors leave medical school prepared to treat the ills of mankind. They are not taught how to prevent them or to cure them. Essentially they learn how to suppress symptoms. The “diseases” they deal with are usually no more than symptoms of a malfunctioning system. They are taught which drug will suppress which symptom. If your blood pressure is above what is currently considered “normal” your doctor will prescribe a drug to reduce your blood pressure, with no further investigation to find and cure the cause of the high blood pressure.

The paradigm, the basic attitude in the medical world is that disease just happens, like a rainstorm or a lightning bolt or an earthquake. Their job is to repair the damage. They make no attempt to trace the cause so as to prevent a recurrence. They are not taught about nutrition or lifestyle. If you ask them about vitamins or minerals or any aspect of nutrition, they try to assure you that these things don’t matter.

Drugs are the primary tool of Medical Doctors. The textbooks in medical school are written by drug companies. Continuing education comes from pamphlets, samples, and drug salesmen. The dangerous side effects of drugs are minimized in this education. The minute an old drug is replaced by a new one, the new one is advanced as a great improvement over the old one. Only then are doctors made conscious of any shortcomings of the old drug.

From ancient times, diagnosis depended on questioning and examining the patient. That method has largely been replaced by tests. Numbers rule. Your blood pressure numbers almost automatically call for a drug. Your pulse and temperature provide more numbers.

More and more blood “workups” are required for diagnosis. Measurements of all sorts of things indicate what drugs to take. Blood tests can indicate all sorts of unseen problems. However, the determination of “normal” readings is much influenced by the drug companies in order to push their drugs. Blood tests are convenient for doctors, but are often less reliable than other methods which they find less convenient.

My own experience bears this out. I have been hypothyroid for as long as I can remember, but it was never identified until I was 29. I had all the symptoms: always cold, tired, and sleepy. At that time the standard test of basal metabolism (energy consumed while resting) was determined by measuring my oxygen consumption. My metabolism was very low. I was prescribed, and started taking, thyroid hormone.

My prescription was renewed for 10 years. Then a new test for thyroid condition came out- a blood test called PBI. I was declared normal and the prescription was withdrawn. At 39, I was once again cold, tired, and sleepy.

At the age of 82, I tried again to get my thyroid adjusted. A new blood test called TSH, said I was normal. Case closed? No, I found a holistic doctor who examined me and agreed that I was hypothyroid. He took more elaborate blood tests which confirmed the diagnosis. After a 33 year gap, I am once again taking thyroid hormone. For all other doctors I encountered during that gap, the currently “approved” blood test was the final word.

The shocking thing about the American medical system is the drugs that doctors routinely prescribe. Coumadin is the medical version of warfarin, a blood thinner long used as a rat poison. It is so dangerous that it has been banned for medical use in Japan and the European Union. Yet American doctors routinely prescribe it for lifetime use for people with cardiovascular problems and after various surgeries.

Coumadin dosage is so critical that patients should have daily blood tests to monitor blood clotting rate. Many foods interact with the Coumadin, either increasing or reducing the effect. Therefore, patients on Coumadin are forbidden to eat a healthy diet.

A Japanese enzyme, Nattokinase, is equally or more effective at preventing unwanted blood clots, and far safer. Certain foods (like fish oil) are usually sufficient to do the job with complete safety.

Blood tests to monitor cholesterol are routine. If your total cholesterol exceeds 200, doctors automatically prescribe statin drugs. They treat cholesterol as if it were some kind of toxic waste that must be reduced as low as possible. Quite the contrary, research indicates that a healthy level of total cholesterol is between 200 and 300. The doctors are dead wrong about cholesterol so their patients end up dead.

Cholesterol is an essential part of body metabolism. It is a basic building block your body uses in building nerves and brain cells, and is the source material for creating all or your many hormones. You need it. That’s why your liver makes it.

Statin Drugs reduce cholesterol by inhibiting an enzyme which is also essential for production of Coenzyme Q-10. Co-Q10 is essential for muscle strength, and is crucial for the most important muscle in your body – your heart. Statin drugs cause heart failure! The cholesterol scare is a scam dreamed up by the drug companies. Statins are one of their most profitable drug families.

Cancer is a prime example of the medical paradigm. Until the 20th century, cancer was relatively rare. An epidemic of cancer began when our foods started to become industrialized. It is now neck-and-neck with cardiovascular disease as our number one killer, which is also a product of malnutrition. Doctors believe that cancer just happens.

The American medical mainstream can’t cure cancer. Doctors have just 3 options, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. On average, none of these treatments extends life significantly, and they all make the remainder of life miserable. And they are very expensive.

Cancer can be cured. President Reagan went on the Q.T to Germany for a cure. Folks in California go to Tijuana, Mexico to be cured. The cures available there are forbidden in the USA.

Cancer can be prevented. A bit of advice I read recently was: “Eat like your great-great grandmother ate”. My formula is more accessible; a low carbohydrate diet and interval training exercise.

The moral of the story is this: Take charge of your own health. Doctors give the impression that they have all the answers, but they don’t. Above all learn about what you can do, by way of nutrition and lifestyle, to stay healthy to a ripe old age. For more information on health, check my other Blogs under the “HEALTH” category.